Mr. Sandeep Mittal

Sh. Sandeep Mittal is a renowned business tycoon of the town with an experience of more than three decades in the industry. With ability to do work more efficiently he entered in field of Manufacturing Cement. Under his leadership that the group has reached the capacity of 50 TDP to 400 TDP in period of 8 years. Bearing in mind the degree of competition prevailing in the region he justified the phrase “The man who sells the Quality sells the Quantity”. He has been exceptional in his networking and relationship building skills with customers and other stakeholders and has built a strong franchise for the business. He has developed successful brands in the field of cement, corrugated brown boxes, education, hotel industry, and water tanks.

He is also nominated as a General Secretary of the KATHUA INDUSTRIAL UNITS ASSOCIATION in 1997 and nominated as the member of REGIONAL ADVISORY BOARD OF CENTRAL EXCISE.

Mr. Vinay Mahajan

Sh. Vinay Mahajan is a veteran of the Shiva Industries with more than 25 years of experience with the firm. He is a Civil Engineer from Nagpur University and a renowned industrialist in the northern region with expertise in the field of cement, corrugated brown boxes, labels and water tanks. A very enthusiastic, energetic, and hardworking personality with an eye for product development and innovation. Being a strong believer of technology upgradation and quality product, all upgradation of the plants as per latest prevailing technology is under his supervision. He has been a capable team builder and has strong people skills.

He is also nominated as a P.R.O and Vice President of the KATHUA INDUSTRIAL UNITS ASSOCIATION.